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Work Raft first emerged in 1989 as Bevis England's platform for the promotion and implementation of flexible working practices including telework and working from home. The goal was to reduce vehicular pollution, provide employers with greater flexibility and profit, and to provide employees with greater flexibility and control in their day to day lives. Bevis formed Telework New Zealand to take over this work in 1997.

In 2003 the Work Raft label resurfaced as a charitable trust that provided a flexible and responsive approach to developing models and resources for community-based information and communications technology (ICT) projects. The aim was to help in building a country where the full potential of information and communication technologies was harnessed in pursuit of equitable and sustainable community and economic development.

Now Work Raft has a new direction: stimulating discussion and action in the face of unpredictable change and helping organisations and communities prepare for this change and its effects, whether positive or negative.


Work Raft

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Work Raft does not aim merely to discuss what is happening: it seeks to deliver sound alternatives.

Work Raft does not seek to agitate on sustainability issues: it focuses on developing and delivering practical approaches to overcoming the challenges we can no longer avoid.

Work Raft does not believe that technology is the only answer: a holistic approach that recognises the importance of new ideas while acknowledging the power of existing communities, networks and tools is essential.

And we know that no one person will have all the answers: suggestions and other responses are welcome.


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