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25 March 2010: I'm working from home today, so have been able to go properly through this web site. I remain interested in the concept: Copenhagen has left me confident that adaptation will be the rule... Top of mind: 1. Local electricity generation?  2. Home working - designed around broadband network - but these are vulnerable to natural disasters too, and we have an interesting conundrum - our new building is designed for additional resilience and reliability of supply, unlike homes.  3. I'm still working on reducing now - rather than what to do for adaptation - so there aren't any resources that spring to mind. [Abby]

12 March 2010: In surfing you have to go beyond the break: in Castaway it was the hardest part. Go build your raft: the great wide ocean and future awaits the bold and the brave. [Bob]

11 March 2010: Just one suggestion: you might like to use the word resilience in your text as much as sustainability. A lot of knowledgeable people -- especially after the Copenhagen fiasco -- seem to believe now that, ecologically-globally, we have screwed up so bad, that mitigation is almost futile. We better focus on adapting and preparing for what will hit us in the next 10 or so years ... [Dushko]
Yes. I thought about the role of "resilience" but figure that we need more than the ability to 'spring back': we need to 'get beyond' the coming change which is more than just being resilient? Or is it?

11 March 2010: Looks like you are trying to reinvent the wheel 10 years late. Have a look at transition towns projects www.greylynn2030.co.nz is my local ... [Jason]
Transition Towns are one approach to part of the challenge we face but is it the only thing we need to do?




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