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Working to reduce inertia

During a conversation with a Chief Executive Officer he proudly said "we've finally managed to complete our next three-year plan" and then he added "but we haven't printed it because it's already out of date". Things had changed so fast that even in his business (insurance and risk management) they could no longer make a plan that worked, and this was ten years ago when change was not as rapid as it is now.

This is a problem we all face: traditional planning approaches just don't work any more. They're frequently based on unwarranted assumptions, they often try to answer the wrong questions, they're out of date by the time they're complete, and they're often so large and complex that they can't be changed quickly. In short: most plans create inertia. they weigh us down. We don't need a 30-foot launch to navigate in rapids: in a "white water world" we need a jetboat, or better still a kayak, or a Raft.

We need a simpler approach: an approach that seeks to manage what we can control and is responsive to the changes we can't.

Work Raft Action Plans: providing direction in a changing worldWhether change is driven by weather events, terrorism, infrastructure cuts, oil prices, market shifts or demographic changes, being able to respond appropriately has become critical for businesses and business leaders.  We have developed a suite of tools that can help organisations prepare for, take advantage of, and profit from change -- whether this change is sudden, catastrophic, or gradual. Contact us for more information.

Of course complex action plans are not always effective or useful. So Work Raft has developed a simple planning tool that can be used in both small and large organisations, and by individuals and communities. Contact us for your copy.

As with all plans, the important thing is how you use it. We also provide consulting and mentoring services to help you get the most out of your Simple Plan.

Of course, there's much more to Simplicity than a simple plan but it's an important first step. It provides a framework that helps us organise our resources, jettison what is not important, and appreciate the impact of potential change. Once a Simple Plan is in place, we can work on simplifying all aspects of our lives, within an objective-driven framework.



Simply Plan

There is a simple alternative to traditional planning. It can be adapted to suit individuals, community organisations, small businesses and large organisations. And, being simple, it can be changed quickly and easily. Extending the Work Raft analogy, your plan is your raft in a fluid environment.

Only three things are needed for your Simple Plan: a set of objectives (the course you intend to travel), a calendar and to-do list, and a “weather forecast”. You probably have the first two already so we’re well on the way …

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