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A survival tool on the waves of change
A support in a fluid environment
A flexible platform made from readily available components


We can no longer deny that things are changing rapidly, that the pace of change is accelerating, and that the effects of change are becoming more severe. How we handle the changes we can no longer avoid, both positive and negative, is one of the most important decisions we face.

This site suggests ideas you can use to prepare for change, at home, in your company and in your community. It also provides an opportunity for others who are thinking about the impacts of change to add their comments, ideas and suggestions ...

At Work Raft we believe that denial is no longer an option and that we must take action. Any plans we make must be simple, focused and easy to change. We need to build flexibility into everything we do so there is always an alternative. And we need strong communities, both where we work and where we live.

Awareness, simplicity, flexibility and community are the planks we build our Raft from. But it probably won't be easy: after all, we can't overcome our challenges with the thinking that created them (to paraphrase Einstein). New ideas and approaches will be necessary: some are linked from this web site and some are still being developed.

But none of us has all the answers: your ideas and contributions are also welcomed. Comments can be emailed to forum@workraft.org.nz and will be added to our Forum page.


Work Raft does not seek to replace standard civil defence procedures: it endeavours to complement such measures by reducing the immediate impact of rapid change and its future implications.
The actions we take today might in time reduce the likelihood of rapid change but it's become more important to manage and prepare for the change that is already underway.



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The Future always comes too fast, and in the wrong order - Alvin Toffler

If we always do what we always did, we'll always get what we always got - if we're lucky! -- Dr Lyle Sussman

We live in a white water world ... not only is change increasing, but the pace and impact of this change is increasing  -- Robert Holden

Imagine a wall of water, cascading through your computer room...  It's happened before -- to America's taxmen!  Read what happened here.

We really are surfing in a White Water World ... How can we avoid the wipeout?

How can we maintain our direction in a changing world?



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